The Abduction of Bin Mubarak is Symbolic

National Yemen

Ahmed Awad

By Fakhri al-Arashi

The National Yemen newspaper condemns the illegal abduction of Dr. Ahmed Awad Bin Mubarak, the Chief Executive of Yemeni President Abduraboo Mansour Hadi, and we call for his immediate release and freedom. My symbolic calls go along with those from the G10 countries, GCC countries, the Security Council and the rest of the political powers including the President’s Office, the Cabinet Minister, and Bin Mubarak’s friends. I still doubt the influence of the above mentioned local and international organizations on the Houthis to free Dr. Bin Mubarak.

Not because of the Houthi’s power and remarkable control of half the country, but because of their recent winning history on Yemeni political ground, the advancement comes as a result of the President’s total submission to their earlier calls. The examples are well known to all of us locally and globally since the collapse of Damaj and Amran by Houthis.

Since then, the political balance has been disrupted in favor of the Houthis, with the full support of President Hadi in order to achieve peace and get rid of the main tribal, military and political obstacles. The ruling theory in Yemen is not about of knocking your enemies out, but it’s about how you keep your enemies knocking each other out, and this is what Hadi is not good at.

As most of us know, the kidnapping of Bin Mubarak is like the overthrow of President. It is very symbolic and it is a political message to the people in Yemen and the international community that the Houthis are the most powerful group in the country and no one can deny this fact.

I would like to raise some questions to the public to think about after Bin Mubarak’s release, which we want to happen as soon as possible. Will this abduction make President Hadi turn his back on his old allies like Saleh and Islah? Will this kidnapping be part of Hadi’s new plots to achieve more political clout by modifying some articles on the new constitution draft? Also, why did the kidnapping happen a few hours before Bin Mubarak reached the President’s office?

For sure, the Houthis will not harm Bin Mubarak because he is a good friend to all the Houthis in Sana’a and Sa’ada. Freedom for Bin Mubarak is a must, despite what is going to happen after his release.