Three Days Left for Safer Labor Syndicate Threat

National Yemen

Safer syndicate document

By NY Staff

The General Union of the Oil & Gas Labor and Safer Labor Union has sent an official letter to the Minister of Oil and Minerals Mohammed Bin-Nabhan asking him to apply the syndicate’s demands about the latest situation of the company.

“There are three days left for the labor syndicate’s threat for a comprehensive strike in the oil fields, which was announced last Tuesday” said the report. The syndicate set up seven points in front of the Minister of Oil and Minerals to tell the truth about the case of the executive general manager and the deputy manager and the employees’ rights.

The President and Prime Minister were copied on the same letter which condemned the aggressive procedures of Ahmed Kulaib, Safer EGM and Saif al-Shairf, DEGM who were kicked out of their offices by Houthi Militants.  

The Oil Labor Syndicate shared two documents with National Yemen asking for the final results of the technical committee, which was named by the Ministry of Oil and Minerals to investigate on the disrespectful process against Kulaib and al-Shareef whose cases are subjected to be announced ASAP,to which will prove their corruption or not and will ultimately return them to their jobs with an apology.