Political Analysis

Houthi ready to face ‘any measures’ by Security Council

Shiite militiamen who seized control of Yemen’s presidential palace on Tuesday are ready to face “any measures” by the UN Security Council, their chief Abdulmalik al-Huthi said.

“I advise the UN Security Council… (that) you will not benefit from any measures you wish to take” against the Huthis, he said.

“We are ready to face the consequences, regardless of what they are.”

The Security Council in November slapped sanctions against two of the Shiite militia’s military commanders but not on Huthi himself

“All options are open in this action. We will take any measure to protect the peace and partnership agreement,” signed after the northern militia overran Sanaa in September, al-Huthi added.

“No one, the president or anyone else, will be above our measures if they stand to implement a conspiracy against this country,” he warned in a televised statement.