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Resigned Prime Minister Supports United Yemen

National Yemen

The editor in chief of National Yemen newspaper, Fakhri Al-Arashi, has met with the resigned Prime Minister Khaled Bahah, in his residence in Sana’a. In a friendly discussion, Bahah told the editor  that he was aware of the political challenges before takes the responsibility of leading the government. He said the peace and partnership government was formed in a difficult time, although they set up a team working plan to improve Yemen’s economy and move forward to correct the political process as per the National Dialogue outcomes.

Bahah was still very optimistic about the future of Yemen’s unity, and he said the political partnership will never build the country that people are looking for. “A new united Yemen within the umbrella of the whole Yemen  is the only hope left for us,” said Bahah. “We are against the coup and we call on the Houthis to take the initiative and rule as they are the only powerful group for now.”

Bahah hopes remain strong despite being under house arrest by the Houthis, who control the access points to his house since he announced his government’s resignation.

Bahah receives his guests and friends daily in his house. He confirmed that he will not leave Sana’a for the time being and if so he will return to Sana’a. He already met with Jamal Binomer, JPC representatives, and Houthi representatives. He rejects their calls to give up his resignation and return to office. He said that he wants new blood away from the partnership. He may consider their calls if his government can work from Aden or Taiz.