Call Of Duty: A Western Plan for War in Yemen

National Yemen

Asma al-Mohattwari

When war makers decide to dominate any country, they first fight against it psychologically then by arms. Iraq is an example. Before the occupation of Iraq in 2003, Zionist media companies produced many games and films featuring violence against Iraqis and Muslims; then came the occupation of Iraq.

These games have made Iraqi cities, mountains, plains and valleys a battlefield between Americans and Iraqis. These games target the Arab community in general and Yemen in particular in several games such as Rules of Engagement, which showed US Marines coming to the American Embassy in Sana’a and killing Yemenis under the excuse of protecting the embassy. Then it happened in real life and US Marines came to Sana’a to protect the Embassy. Another game called Call of Duty is a war game, featuring fighting from building to building in Sana’a’s streets.

Many have realized the importance of controlling the international media, especially in democratic countries for the manipulation of public opinion. Nazi propaganda was able to win the support of the German people, and Zionist propaganda has come to dominate international public opinion. The latest act that aims to portray Yemen as a terrorist country is the deadly attack in the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo that killed 17 people. Most media is accusing Yemen of the attack.

Yemenis don’t know where the country is heading, but war makers and the Great Powers know well where all Arab countries are heading. They plan before entering any country by producing video games, studying the games, and then applying their lessons.

Software companies are again implementing the design of games and software about Yemen, and many games show Yemeni lands, villages and cities as a theater of war focused on old Sana’a and ancient mosques in other villages.

Call of Duty (COD) Black Ops II, also known as BO2 or BLOPS II, is a first-person shooter developed by Treyarch and published by Activision. This is the ninth main installment of the Call of Duty franchise, and was released on November 13, 2012. It is the direct sequel to Call of Duty: Black Ops and was announced on May 1, 2012, during an NBA playoff game. It is the first game made by Treyarch to be set in the future, and also the first direct sequel produced for the series by the studio. The game is also the first Call of Duty game for Nintendo’s Wii U console, and it was available for the Wii U’s launch day in North America, Europe, and Australia, whilst it was released on December 20, 2012 in Japan, 12 days after the console’s Japanese launch day. Albeit the console received the Japanese dub version simultaneously with the other platforms on the same day.

COD portrays Yemen as buildings everywhere where people cannot walk five feet without running into a building someone could be hiding in. The buildings are Yemen’s biggest downfall and the main deterrent for wanting to play this map. The map shows many squares representing houses, buildings and stores with not a lot of free space to run around in. the player can play in only one fashion. There are some narrow streets and walkways, but the majority is building-to-building sniping. It’s easy to die without seeing your killer unless you look into every window and alleyway.

For some, the game about Yemen is designed not for entertainment, but to serve another aim. Mohammed al-Ahmedy, a journalist and activist, says that war makers are creating many psychological ways to prepare the targeted country before embarking on their wars and their colonial projects on the ground, whether it’s through PlayStation games or virtual cinematic works. “These are aimed to influence the media and people psychologically to start implementing their projects to reap new profits, without any consideration to the fate of peoples and communities who are paying the price for such projects,” said al-Ahmedy.

Al-Ahmedy added that the factor that helps them to achieve their virtual goals on the ground is the portrayed absence of civilized behavior in Arab and Islamic communities in light of the industrial, military, technical and economic power of Western civilization.

Ahlam Abdualkaffi, a mother and journalist, said that such games try to influence Yemen’s generations intellectually, planting violence and bloodshed inside Yemeni children. “They are also influence adults with films and series against the nation. The enemy is moving through carefully studied steps.”

Abdualkaffi says that they destroy Islam by Muslims and created a new terrorist group called Daesh.

Fatima al-Agbari, an activist, says that they first destroyed Afghanistan under the excuse of fighting al-Qaida, spread the doctrine in Iraq, and then intervened in Syria to give them freedom. “They know very well from where they can enter the countries; their information about the situation allows them to think and predict what will happen and to know how they can start wars,” she added.

Despite the huge financial gains from these games, there is no regard for the psychological and emotional effects on others.


  • The USA army actually hired the makers of Call of Duty to teach them what future warfare will be like. USA Army always wants to be ahead of the war game

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