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Houthi Leader Calls For Peaceful Transfer In Yemen

National Yemen

By NY Staff

In his Televised speech, AbdulMalik al-Houthi says he and his group are seeking a peaceful transfer of power after the resignation of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, and urged all factions to work together to solve the crisis.

The speech of Houthi leader came after the release of Dr. Ahmed Awad Bin Mubarak, the President chief of staff. He aimed to disperses the news of Bin Mubark release who was kidnapped ten days ago by Houthi militants.

In his speech, Houthi warned against allowing Yemen to be pushed to collapse and said that consultations were proceeding under United Nations auspices to resolve the country’s standoff.

“We are seeking a peaceful transfer of power on the basis of partnership,” Abdel-Malek Houthi said in a speech broadcast on the group’s al-Maseerah television. “Let everyone go towards cooperation instead of clashing, arguing and wrestling.”

He added that resolutions made during nearly a year of national dialogue organised by Hadi in 2013 and an agreement signed after the Houthis captured Sanaa last September would also be the basis for any agreement.

Describing Hadi’s resignation as a “manoeuvre”, Houthi said political parties, with U.N. support, have been holding consultations to bring about a “peaceful transfer of power”.