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Bahah Accuses Houthis of Crippling State Operations

National Yemen

By NY Staff

The resigned Prime Minister Khalid Mahfoud Bahah says his government will not rescind its resignation, accusing the Houthis of crippling state operations, including the political and historical transition that may push the country toward disaster.

The resigned PM and some of his minsters have been under the house arrest by Houthi militants since they submitted their resignations on January 22nd, 2015.

Bahah shared his concerns about Yemen’s political future on his Facebook page, citing the main reasons for his resignation, emphasizing that his government’s resignation is non-negotiable.

The government has confirmed that its resignation comes as a result of its disappointment in the political transition, which has been hindered by Houthis coup on January 19, 2015. The Houthis seized government offices, including the presidential palace and president’s house.

“The militants killed tens of presidential guards as result of the illegal coup, which ended with the President’s resignation. He finds his relatives killed and injured for an unjustified attack,” said Bahah.

Before the resignations, the Houthis kidnapped the President’s Chief of Staff Dr. Ahmed Awad Bin Mubarak, following the kidnapping with assassination attempts that targeted the PM, then they held all government members under house arrest.

Houthi militants continue to apply pressure and control government organizations, ministries, and media organizations like newspapers as well as TV, radio stations and Saba news agency.

The resignations came as a protest against the use of force by the Houthis, who should bear responsibility for the complete stopping of government operations.

Bahah also asked everyone to use the National Dialogue outcomes and the constitutional draft as the main references for their disputes. “The country’s voice should be at the top and the new united Yemen is the call of every one,” he concluded.