Cancelling Invisible Jobs Will Save Billions for State Treasury

National Yemen

University Graduates Have No Hopes for Jobs!

Dr. Sinan Ghalib Al-Mardahi, Vice Chairman of Sana’a University, said that the government has several options to get rid of invisible jobs. The simplest way is dialogue with powerful people to ask them to waive 90% of the money they take from these jobs.

Al-Mardahi believes that the double dippers have grown in certain political environments and they have taken employment as part of a loyalty policy. “A lot of officials and sheikhs make a lot of money from the invisible jobs; these funds contribute to increased well-being and also weaken the national economy and citizens who are starving in several areas of Yemen.”

Al-Mardahi added that the state losses due to double dippers has reached hundreds of billions of dollars. There were 42,000 invisible jobs in education alone that received 40,000 riyals average salary, which total billions of riyals. There are many more invisible jobs in the army, security and tribal affairs where people are receiving their salaries unlawfully.

According to al-Mardah, sheikhs take social insurance from the poor and orphans in their villages for their own benefit.

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