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Houthi Demonstrations Held In Front Of The Saudi Embassy

National Yemen

By NY staff 

On January 1st, tens of Houthi supporters demonstrated in front of the Saudi Embassy in the capital Sana’a calling to stop the implementation of  dividing Yemen into six regions and to stop interference in Yemeni affairs.

The demonstration is the second organized by the Houthis in front of the Saudi Embassy. The first was organized in mid-October of last year, demanding to release a Shiite cleric who was sentenced to death by a Saudi court.

According to some sources, the demonstration was organized by the Sovereign Homeland Organization, which belongs to the Houthis, who also demanded the release of Yemeni detainees from Saudi prisons.

Since last September, Houthis have organized marches in different cities to express their rejection of the regions decision and to condemn offensive cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

On other hand, Houthis attacked the marches against their presence in the capital with beatings and kidnappings.