Police Stations Violate Women and Juveniles

National Yemen

Juveniles and women have been exposed to a series of violations and abuses in different parts of Yemen, but the most surprising fact is that they are also violated at police stations, a place that can both give them their rights and take them away.

Amar Mohammed al-Shami, a lawyer, activist, and juveniles’ rights trainer, said that police stations frequently violate the rights of juveniles and women. “Among the most prominent violations is the detention of juveniles who do not exceed twelve years inside the police stations for a long time, instead of putting them in a home for rehabilitation if they cannot be handed to a responsible adult.”

In addition, al-Shami said that they also imprison them for more than twenty-four hours and put them with elders in the same prison. “They are violating the law saying they cannot be held for more than twenty-four hours and must be separated from older detainees to prevent any mixing with them,” al-Shami said, citing Article 11 of the Juvenile Welfare Law.

Some of the violations Al-Shami witnessed as a lawyer are torture and detained them for more than a month.

According to him, women are also exposed to violations inside the police station. “Accused women are mistreated and suffering from a lack of female staff to investigate women committing certain crimes.”

A Human Rights Watch (HRW) report in 2013 included preventing the execution of juveniles under 18. HRW demanded the Yemeni President cancel juveniles’ executions and review their issues under an independent commission to determine the ages in a fair and impartial manner.

Al-Shami said that juveniles and women need to activate some of the texts and legal rights in the Juvenile Welfare Act as well as work to increase and multiply services and care provided to juveniles and accused women.

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