UN Representative Visits Tehama

National Yemen

On Jan 30 Hodeida, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO,) Represented by Dr. Salah ElHajj Hassan carried out a field visit to a number of targeted areas for a technical support project for small dairy farmers in Hodeida and its surrounding areas. The visit included Al-Awamra, Al-Malakya and Al-Mahd Al-Awsat.

The representative identified the milk collection mechanism by small farmers, the challenges that they face in livestock husbandry, milk production and distribution and made proposals to address those challenges.

Dr. Salah ElHajj Hassan stated that the project, which is financed by the FAO, aims to support a group of small holder dairy farmers in Hodeida and its surrounding areas with rapid interventions to encounter the challenges faced by dairy producers with a focus on the skills development of dairy farmers in production increase, quality, and marketing with the provision of milk production facilities for processing and refrigerating.

He added that the project will use a strategic approach in implementation on the partnership between the famers and the private sector and government departments represented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, the Tihama Development Authority, and the Animal Health and Veterinary Quarantine General Administration to ensure sustainability and efficiency. He stressed the need to support small farmers to enhance the value for milk production and distribution, to raise efficiency and quality, to improve income, and to establish successful action by benefiting from successful experiences and practices of the FAO in this field.

 Dr. Chedli Kayouli, international consultant of animal wealth and dairy, Dr. Abdulwahid Mukrid, head of the Food Security Technical Secretariat (FSTS) of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, Dr. Mohamed Noman Sallam, FAOR assistant, Dr. Mansour Al-Qadasi, national coordinator of the Food Security Information Systems, and Dr. Fadhl Abdullah Al-Amri, national expert and animal health officer in Hodeida all took part in this visit to Tihama.