Who Threatens Whom?

The picture of Yemen’s future is clear to the people of Yemen since President Hadi and his prime minister announced their official resignation on January 21st, 2015. The country will surely go into a second round of the Arab spring revolution with different techniques and new players.

Before, meetings were held to remove the former President officially and legally. Now it is happening again for the resigned President AbdRabbo Mansour Hadi, who’s political role has come to an end. The G10 countries, the general envoy to Yemen Jamal Bimomar, and the same political parties including Houthi representatives are seeking the best option for Hadi’s honorable exit. It might be honorable for them because they failed to push the country forward after three years of transition.

So far, each of the four Arab Spring countries has obtained a second round. Now, Yemen is going through it peacefully despite the daily threats and the collapse of political meetings. There is no other country like Yemen, where the distance between the official meeting and militants is just few kilometers yet they still give each other a chance before someone takes action.

The action is not happening due to the political inconsistencies among regional and international players who still believe that Yemen is a good example for the UN and the GCC initiative. Maybe what happened is not a coup from the point of view of the UN, but it is clear to Yemenis.

Maybe we need to forget the word coup, but should we say the 2015 revolutionist are not revolutionist like those in 2011. Shelling, killing, kidnapping, torturing and enforced disappearances happened in both stages of the revolution with total silence as if the first one was legal and this one is illegal.

Unfortunately, the language of power is stronger than the language of justice. That is why the Movenpick political meeting never succeeded and no one told the facts. The Houthis are the new comer and the third round is about to start. Once the third round starts, the UN will not apply its sanctions against the former President because they knocked out the elected President Hadi who is subjected to house arrest with the general envoy’s blessings.

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