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Wojoh Foundation Launches Its Project to Monitor Abuses against Women and Youth

Wojoh Foundation for Media and Development launched the implementation of “Sharaka” project which funded by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI). The Project aims to establish an informative human rights observatory to monitor the abuses suffered by women and youth in Yemen, and qualify monitors from three provinces Aden, Sana’a and Hadramout.

 Mansour A-Gardai, the Project Manager, said that the project implemented over two months and aimed to develop the democracy value through strengthening the role of women and youth in the transitional phase in Yemen as well as to raise the awareness of the rights of women and youth with media workers and activist in order to involve them to  the inclusion of women and young people’s rights in the new constitution, so as to enhance the full citizenship, and build the lasting conglomerate for women, young journalists  and Jurists for monitoring, evaluation and advocacy.

Mr. Ram Kamanini, the Canadian Fund works official in Yemen, ensures that permanent and continuous of the Canadian Fund support for Yemen in all areas of development. Also the Fund management is keen to continue the partnership and cooperation with civil society organizations, indicating the importance of this project to strengthen the role of youth in the development process.

He added that the work of the Fund for a long time to support projects that enhance the role of youth and raise awareness among members of society especially women and minorities. Also he pointed to the Fund’s keenness to strengthen and develop the role of civil society organizations in the development of Yemeni society and the pursuit of progress and development.

The project includes a number of activities aimed to raise the awareness of community, media and human rights among young people and qualify their capabilities in monitoring violations from three provinces.