Political Analysis

New Statement By The G10 Ambassadors To Yemen

National Yemen
“The Group of Ten Ambassadors, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands and Turkey are following events in Yemen closely and with concern. We call on all groups to uphold and implement Yemen’s commitments under the National Dialogue Outcomes, the Peace and National Partnership Agreement and the GCC Initiative.  These agreements form the only agreed basis for a political transition that benefits all Yemeni people.

We support the current negotiations for a solution involving political consensus, being held under the good offices of UNSR Jamal Benomar. We note that political consensus has to be achieved through genuine political will  of all the Yemeni parties, whom we call on to refrain from unilateral actions and to speak one language in such a sensitive moment of Yemeni history.

We urge all groups to affirm their commitment to a genuine political consensus that takes into account the will of all the Yemeni people in order to complete the remaining tasks of the transition, as expressed through the National Dialogue and its consultations, and as represented by all the political groups.

We call upon all Yemeni groups to engage positively and to respect the principles of the United Nations on freedom of movement, assembly and expression. President Hadi, Prime Minister Bahah and Ministers, who have resigned, should have freedom of movement inside and outside the country. Force shall not be used against their movements.”