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Turkish Ambassador To Yemen Denies Travel Ban

National Yemen

By NY Staff

The Turkish Ambassador to Yemen Mr. Fazil Corman has denied news of a travel ban by the Houthis against him. In a quick conversation with National Yemen newspaper, Corman denied the news. “I was surprised to read my name on the list of travel bans along with other diplomatic ambassadors,” said Corman. “This is absolutely not true and we call upon all the media to verify before publishing any fake stories and news articles. We are still here in Yemen and we will do our best to help Yemen overcome its difficult political crisis,“ concluded Corman.

Al-Quds Al-Arabi website reported that Houthi militants made a list of ambassadors who are subjected to travel bans and requested them to not leave Yemen. The writer continued to say that Houthi militants handed over three names to the security of Sana’a airport, the British Ambassador Jane Marriott, Turkish Ambassador Fazil Corman, and Saudi Ambassador Mohammed Saeed Al-Jaber.

The British and Saudi Ambassadors have not talked to National Yemen, but the Turkish Ambassador denied the news story. Houthi militants have controlled Sana’s since September 21, 2014. By January 21, 2015 the Houthis had seized government offices, including the presidential palace and president’s house and kept them under house arrest.

Houthi militants continue to apply pressure and control government organizations, ministries, and media organizations like newspapers as well as TV and radio stations.

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated in Taiz, Ibb and Dhamar demanding the “restoration of the state.” Many people across the country have described the Houthi power grab as a “coup.” The Houthis, who say they are fighting corruption, said in a statement Friday night that they would work to bring about a smooth, democratic transfer of power after the resignations.

The Houthis, who captured several cities as they drove south from their northern strongholds last summer, seek greater representation in government ministries and on the committee to rewrite the country’s constitution. They now face mounting pressures and internal divisions however, and there have been signs they do not want to rule the country outright and would prefer that Hadi remain as a figurehead president.

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