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Gulf Countries Denounce Houthi’s ‘Coup’ In Yemen

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The Gulf  Cooperation Countries (GCC) denounced the Houthies rebel takeover of Yemen as a “coup” today, calling for the United Nations to take action as thousands demonstrated in the streets against their power grab. The rebels, known as Houthis, have taken over state institutions, dissolved parliament, and installed a new committee to govern the country.

The six Arab GCC, led by  Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, issued a statement  carried by the official Saudi Press Agency calling for the UN Security Council to “put an end to this coup.”

“The Cooperation Council sees Houthi coup as an escalation that cannot be accepted under any circumstances,” the council said. The council serves as a counterbalance to regional Shiite power Iran, which the council previously has accused of meddling in their internal affairs.