Political Analysis

Meeting Held in the Former President’s Residence

National Yemen

A lot of discussions have taken place in a meeting of the GPC party headquarter, all of which are against the exclusivity of the revolutionary committees. Lawyer Wadah Al- Muwadda said on his Facebook page that Ali Abdullah Saleh spoke against the unilateral movement of the Houthis. The former president also stressed that the GPC has to take action in whatever is beneficial for the country.

GPC party representatives Aref al Zuka, AlAwadhi and Ben Dagher confirmed in the Movenpick negotiations that the Houthis are trying to win the conference through dialogue and understanding, but later take unilateral action under the excuse of partnership and cooperation.

The three representatives also confirmed that they agreed about certain steps with the Houthis, but the Houthis always backtracked and dismissed the agreements. The negotiations were for the purpose of accomplishing a settlement with all parties. The representatives have also declared that the Houthi negotiations went in one direction, but what they wanted was in a totally different one. In addition, the representatives added that the Houthis displayed goodwill and that the Islah party contributed to the chaos by objecting and delaying.

GPC representatives and the members of the General Committee are convinced that the Houthis are trying to control the current situation, and this have angered many leaders in the party who thought the Movenpick negotiations were a way out from the current crisis.

The members of the General Committee simply concluded that the Houthis have two faces, one for negotiations and the media and the other for reality. Therefore, the statement released by the GPC was strong and condemned the Houthi’s actions.