Political Analysis

Reactions of Political Parties to the Announcement of Houthi Control

Saleh: Dialogue still exists to break the impasse and the Houthi’s announcement is a political declaration of one party.

The Socialist Party warns of the application of the constitutional declaration and considers it a cancellation of the political process.

Islamic scholars called on tribes and political forces to stop the Houthi coup.

The most prominent responses and attitudes 30 hours after the Constitutional Declaration:

The local authority and Security Committee in Hadramout: Houthi’s declaration is Illegitimate and they will not commit it.

Houthi group is trying to build a new economic partnership with China and Russia.

Al-Maisari demanded southerners address al-Houthis expansion.

Al-Attas put forth a condition to discuss the future of the relations between the north and south.

The Washington Times: Constitutional Declaration of al-Houthi threatens civil war in Yemen.

Independent youth: the Houthi militias have to withdraw from all cities and institutions.

The Supervisory Board of the NDC outputs implementation refused the declaration of al-Houthis.

There were intensive meetings of al-Houthi leadership about a military plan for the war in Marib.

There were intensive contacts between regions to resolve the split from the Azal region.