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Sharq Sar Takeovers Oil Operation of Block 53 In Hadhramaut

National Yemen

The Ministry of Oil and Minerals has announced the establishment of Sharq Sar, new national company for oil exploration and production in Block 53 east of Hadhramaut. A source in the Ministry of Oil and minerals said, Sharq Sar  company was named as a result of the sudden withdrawal of  the inrenational former operators DOVE Energy company. The ministry made the necessary legal and operational matters to avoid  any production suspension  in Block 53.

Dove Energy, the operator of Block 53, has submitted a request to the Ministry of Oil and Minerals asking for an early handover of its oil block since September 2014. “The international lower oil prices has pushed the company to address the government with its interest of handing over the block one year before the production sharing agreement (PSA) is over.” Dove energy has requested the hand over by January 31st, 2015. The government did not take it serious and it maintain negation with the company to resumes acuities as per the PSA

The company was approved by both the General Union of Workers in the oil and gas block in the Republic of Yemen and DOVE’s own syndicate. The block produces 3,200 barrels per day, now it runs the daily operation by a 100% national staff with total of 263 employees.