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Yemen Approves The Sales 2.8 Million Barrels

National Yemen

By NY Staff

In a meeting headed by Mohammed Awad Bin Hammam, Governor of the Yemen Central Bank, the Supreme Committee for the marketing of crude oil said that the total amount of crude oil for 2015 was about 2.8 million barrels. The committee said that the available amount of crude gas was about 1.3 million barrels by the dated Brent price with an extra 63 per barrel. This is according to the best proposal offered by the competing companies and it was presented by Gelnkur Company.

Concerning the crude oil in Mareb governorate, the committee declared the selling of 1.5 million barrels for the Aden Refinery Company, and the dated Brent price “Flat”. That is without raise or discount and according to the decision of the supreme committee. The total available quantity of oil was allocated for the local market.

The Supreme Committee has seen the report presented by the Technical Committee on carrying out sales from February – March 2015. The report confirmed that the shipping program has been accomplished in agreement with Masila Petroleum Exploration and Production Company and Safer. This is concerning the available quantities for the month of February. Currently, the completion of the preparation of the shipping program for March is taking place. This is held in agreement with Aonibek and the Aden Refinery.