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Marginalized Leader Directs Message to Abdul Malik Al-Houthi

National Yemen

By NY Staff

Noaman Al-Houthifi, the head of the Marginalized Union in Yemen and the Founder Al- Akhdam Movement, has directed a message to Houthis leader Abdul Malik AlHouthi. The message, which was posted on his Facebook page, states, “After the six wars that you’ve been through in Sa’ada, I think that you are well aware of the fact that the people’s will invincible and there is no way that they will accept living under the weight of weapons. Leaders who are brought to the presidency by means of weapons and power don’t last long. I advise you to reconsider your plans and to know that no matter how many weapons and ammunition you have, we will not allow you to rule a country of whose leaders aren’t elected by their people’s will.”