Al-Jazeera Staff Criticise The Role of Benomar in Yemen

National Yemen

By Mohammed Kerchan

Al-Jazeer TV announcer Mohammed Kerchan Criticise the negative involvement of the UN advisor to Yemen Jamal Benomar. He acaused him of helping Houthis to overtake the country. He said, Doubts around Benomar and his relationship with the Houthis are continuing to grow. It seems as though it is a dance where the hands of each side, though sometimes separated, are often joined together in accordance with the rhythm that Adbul Malik Al Houthi conducts from his priestly tower.

Benomar has not denounced the Constitutional Declaration that the Houthis are trying to impose on the country by force. He did not even ask them to continue with the National Dialogue that started late of the past week  between Yemeni parties. In his last statement, the Houthi leader clarified that the only way he sees dialogue is based on the steps he has taken.

Most Yemenis see the continuation of dialogue is in the end an attempt by Benomer to support what the Houthi declaration included in order for it to become a reality to which all political forces must submit.

Benomar is now playing a part in legitimating the coup. According to many Yemenis, the only thing that he has done recently was solidify Houthi authority.

Benomar and Houthis were negotiating in Sa’dah when Sana’a was falling into the Houthi’s hand. When the mission was finally accomplished, Benomar didn’t denounce it. On the contrary, he hastened to provide them with the lifeline they needed through the Peace and National Partnership Agreement.

By the time the Houthis’ position in Yemen was restored and house arrest was imposed on the president as well as the Prime Minister, Benomar couldn’t describe the two political figures’ situation in a TV interview. He kept on giving hints that they were under house arrest without fully declaring it and denouncing it.

Benomar didn’t condemn this step or publically describe it. He hastened to indulge Yemeni parties into another dialogue revolving around concepts of partnership and the National Dialogue to cover up for the Houthis.

Benomar has no excuse while carrying out his mission, covering three decisions announced by the Security Council. These decisions provide him with the political and legal legitimacy to take solid actions against whoever tries to obstruct the political process.

Yemeni analyst Abdul Nasser AlMewde’ has written that Benomsr has allowed the Yemeni ball to tumble down towards an edge, following the ball every time but failing to catch it. This began when the Houthis entered Amran and extended their control over the capital. They imposed their control by power and weapons, forcing the president and his regime to resign. As a result, the Houthis have taken the presidency after it was confronted by the negativity of the International Community with Benomar as its dominant and provocative symbol.

Benomar’s previous media adviser Nada’ Helal wrote that the Houthi invasion of Sana’a has paralyzed the political process. It has also prioritized the “Houthi Yemen” and perhaps the “Southern Yemen” projects over the “New Yemen“. This step has opened the gate towards the unknown. Nada’ Helal wrote in Al-Hayat Newspaper a while ago, “What happened wasn’t only the falling of the capital, but handing over the country and all its burdens that were created by the transitional process and all the injustices of the past years, as well as giving in for the power of a regional weapon that has caused reluctance in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq and has finally reached Yemen.”

Benomar has spoken in a way that has encouraged the Houthis to persist further until things reached their current level. Numerous disasters have struck Yemen in the past years, and Benomar is no doubt one of them.