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Houthi Militants Loot ENOC Stores In Sana’a

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Houthi Militants loots ENOC Stores

By NY Staff

Atico Lubricant Division, the authorised ENOC distributor in Yemen, has sent a letter of complaints to the political office of Houthi militants in Sana’a, informing them that a group of armed militants looted company stores on Thursday.

The looted products cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, all of it ENOC lubricant, a famous UAE manufactured brand. The militants moved the products to an unknown place after seven hours of looting.

The executive manager said that ENOC has nothing to do with al-Ahmer companies, and this is against the law. He called on the Houthis to help the company get its looted products back.

Since September 21st, 2014, Houthi militants continue to overtake Hamid Al-Ahmer’s companies like Baskin Robbins , KFC and other sister companies owned or registered trademarks for Al-Ahmer.

This harms the economy and forces the companies to send their staff home. Some say that the Houthis looting such big quantity of ENOC lubricant is to use for their vehicles mainly after the fully control the capital Sana’a on January 19th, 2015.

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