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Woman In Yemeni Fine Arts

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Woman inYemeni fine art

By Tamjid Alkohali

Women have started to appear in the arts with the flourishing of Orientalist art in the nineteenth century. For a long time, woman remained a symbol of beauty for eastern artists who excelled in painting with different styles.

Yemeni artists are also interested in drawing women in their paintings. However, drawing women was and is still unacceptable in Yemeni society.

However, Yemeni artists are ignoring the view of society and women are becoming a present element in many paintings, despite being drawn from the imagination.

A Yemeni artist distinguished in painting women is called  Ayman Othman from Sana’a. “Women are a deep secret in this universe and a great example of beauty. I can paint unlimited number of paintings about women,” said Othman.

Othman added that he is very optimistic for the future as fine arts have made significant progress, mainly since 2011.

In 2004, Othman won the President of the Republic Award for a painting related to the realistic school. He drew a face of a woman in detail using oil paints and canvas.

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