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Yemeni Musician Composes Music for ICRC Film

National Yemen

By Tamjid Alkohali

Yemeni Musician Muhammad Hejry is composing and performing the soundtrack for the documentary film Yemen Panorama, implemented by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The film will be displayed in the United Nations, international organizations, and Yemeni channels. This is considered the first participation of a Yemeni musician with the ICRC.

The ICRC is very keen to deal with photographers or musicians. This participation is a great achievement for Hejry, especially considering the lack of opportunities faced by Yemeni musicians.

“I always plan to let the world knows the Yemeni music, this needs me to keep up with the modern music and understand the art of world music,” Hejry told National Yemen.

Hejry, who plays the oud for Yemen Panorama, added that he mixed a bit of Yemeni heritage with modernist touches in order to reach listeners outside Yemen.  “Music is a global language and composers should learn something to make the world understand them, because popular music is only understandable to its people,” he explained.

Hejry confirmed that the music won the admiration of the ICRC and was very suitable for the film, which talks about the situation in Yemen and the ICRC’s role.

Hejry is a young musician who started playing the solo oud in 2007. This kind of music is still not familiar in the Arab region and Yemen in particular. However, it’s very famous in Europe. Hejry is the first musician who performed the solo oud in Yemen’s cultural in cooperative with Ministry of Culture.