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While Being Under House Arrest: Bahah Starts New Social Media Channel

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Resigned Prime Minister TV Channel

By NY Staff

The Resigned Prime Minister, Khaled Bahah, the Prime Minister has started a new channel for social communication, despite being under the house arrest imposed on him by the Houthi militants. Recently, Bahah posted the link of the YouTube channel for people to subscribe and connect with him.

In his post,he adressed the people of Yemen to the first messages he talked about. “Going back to my first press conference and after performing the constitutional oath on the 9th of November 2014, we had messages through which we could have looked at the situation of Yemen”he said.

The first message was based on strengthening the principle of integrity away from combating corruption. The second was considering the facts deeply and analyzing the authoritarian, geographical and political conflict that resulted in the Southern, Northern, Western and Eastern causes. Third, this message was concerned with the honest intentions that are realized by citizens and the consequences of the political rebound that is trying to drag the country to tragic situations as it is the case currently,” he stated.

The resigned prime minister Khaled Bahah declared his government resignation on the 22nd of last January. Since that time he and his government remain under house arrest, just because they want to see Yemen in a better place than now.


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