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Yemeni Activist Dies After Houthi Torture

National Yemen

Saleh Awad al-Basheri

By NY Staff

Yemeni activist Saleh Awad al-Basheri has died after he was kidnapped by the Houthis with three other people while were participating in a demonstration on February 11th last week.

According to some sources, al-Basheri’s body was found near the al-Ahli hospital in the capital Sana’a with signs of torture on his body.

Last Friday, the Houthis released activist Fouad Al-Hamdani who was in bad health after two weeks of kidnapping.

Al-Hamdani stated that the Houthis severely tortured him in various ways in order to make false confessions.

Recently, the Houthis have been targeting political activists who participate in demonstrations that take place in Sana’a and other cities against the Houthi control of state institutions.