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International Seminar for Cultural Heritage in Yemen

By Tamjid Alkohali 

The International Seminar for Cultural Heritage in Yemen and the Maghreb continues to hold cultural activities under the slogan “Towards Sustainable Management for Historic Cities and Archaeological Sites” in preparation for an international seminar that is scheduled to take place from May 12th to 15th.

In its last event, the Cultural Heritage Foundation opened a historical photo exhibition, organized by Antiquities Friends Initiative. The exhibition included a set of photos that narrate stories about archaeological sites in Yemen and the changes that occurred to them.

Ahmed Hazam, Public Information Officer at Antiquities Friends Initiative, said that the Initiative will offer a working paper to discuss the challenges faced by the working group in the initiative during their work in archaeological sites in order to get help from the International Seminar on the 15th of May.

During the event, the head of the Protection of Cultural Heritage Foundation, Dr. Khalid al-Thour, invited all governmental and non-governmental institutions as well as the media to participate in the seminar.

He also confirmed that the coming period will include a number of artistic and cultural events as well as promotional activities such as organizing festivals, radio and television interviews, and holding exhibitions of arts and crafts in order to draw attention to cultural heritage and tourist cities.

“This seminar also aims to discuss all the issues related to cultural heritage with concerned authorities such as cultural institutions, the Antiquities & Museums Authority, and the Ministries of Tourism and Culture to maintain historical landmarks, especially with the threats and challenges faced by historic cities in our country,” said al-Thour.

Al-Thour stated that the Maghreb will also participate in the seminar because there is great similarity in the cultural heritage of the two countries.

Earlier, many officials in the cultural field confirmed the importance of the seminar for Yemen. Poet and manager of the Studies and Research Center, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh, said that this seminar is only the beginning of a year filled with cultural achievements in order to maintain the historical heritage of Yemen.

Dr. Amt al-Malak al-Thour, the Undersecretary of the Culture Ministry, said that this seminar is very important to draw the attention of the government and private agencies and supporters to the importance of maintaining historical cities and museums, pointing out that about 29 museums around Yemen are closed completely.