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President Hadi Considers Houthis decisions unconstitutional

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Yemen’s President AbduRabou Mansor Hadi

Yemen’s President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi has declared as invalid and unconstitutional all actions taken by the Houthis after September 21, when the group moved into Sana’a.

In a statement issued late on Saturday after his arrival to Aden, Hadi said that he was upholding decisions adopted by the national dialogue and the agreement reached by Gulf countries for a political solution in the country, calling on the international community to protect the political process.

Hadi, however, stopped short of renouncing his decision to quit the presidency following pressure from the Houthis.

Earlier on Saturday, Hadi managed to slip house arrest in Sanaa and is now in his home town of Aden.

Following his return to Aden, he held a meeting with the security council of Aden province, to discuss the situation in the country.

Talks between the country’s warring factions were immediately suspended after Hadi escaped house arrest, sources say.

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