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Robberies In Hadramout: Who Will Stop Them?


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Robberies In Hadramout: Who Will Stop Them?

Nasser Awadh

Robberies in Hadramout have increased recently in banks, General Post centers, and of salaries of military and security personnel. Criminals roam about with impunity in front of the army and security forces.

Citizens consider robberies carried out by gangs in order to spread chaos and destruction in Hadramout.

Mohammed Hamid said that what is happening in Hadramout is well planned by figures with high positions in the province in order to fabricate such crimes and spread chaos for a small amount of money.

Ali Bayousef, a shop worker, wondered why officials hadn’t arrested the robbers even though they know them well.

“The phenomenon in all is not the robberies, the real phenomenon is that the security and responsible forces know the robbers well and do nothing. After the crime of breaking into the Cooperative and Agricultural Credit Bank and the Islamic Bank, the attackers were photographed and put on their pages on Facebook. What more is needed to arrest them?” Hamid added.

Bakir, a taxi driver and the owner of a shop in Mukalla, said that the reign of Governor Abdualqader Hilal and who came from Sana’a, was better than Hadramout officials.

Salim Ahmed, a motorcyclist, said that on the day they replaced the governor of Hadramout, four robberies took place, “Hadramout citizens also are responsible, for they have to be one hand to put an end to the robberies.”