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Turkish Embassy In Sana’a Rejects False Reporting

National Yemen

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency in Yemen

The Turkish Embassy issued new press released  rejects the news published by “Aloula Daily” on the 18th of February 2015, claiming that “Turkey deported several Yemeni students studying at its expense” cannot be true said the report. The Embassy has no information about such a case of “deportation”, which is highly unlikely and can happen only in very specific cases of extreme academic failure of students, crimes, closure of the school, or any similar rare reason. It is unthinkable that Turkey may “deport” Yemeni scholarship students due to recent political developments in Yemen as implied by the newspaper. This news was created apparently in bad faith, as nobody tried to verify the “news” with the Embassy before releasing such accusations.

The Embassy challenges the “paper” and the “deported students” to disclose (or come into contact with Embassy through its e-mail address embassy.sanaa@mfa.gov.tr) the names and schools of the students claimed to be “deported” so that the issue can be investigated promptly. Furthermore, any Yemeni authority in charge of the matter can also contact the Embassy in the same way. Some investigation could also be made through the Yemeni Embassy in Ankara if the intention was to reach the details of the case rather than putting forward allegations.

If none of the above is done in the next few days, the Embassy will come to the conclusion that the allegation was maliciously made like many other ones these days that have been put forward in the same manner.