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Al-Roaini: Houthi Coup Will Fail

National Yemen

Yasser Al-roaini

By NY Staff

The Deputy Secretary-General of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) Yasser Al-Roaini has warned that Yemen is on the verge of collapse and implementing the outputs of NDC is the only solution for this situation.

Al-Roaini confirmed that the Houthi coup, which has pushed the country towards fighting, will fail soon. “The dialogue occurring among the parties, headed by UN envoy Jamal Benomar, is a kind of tampering. Things should be returned as it they were before Houthis’ control on the capital Sana’a.”

Al-Roaini added that the Houthi coup led disrupting the political process that aimed to build a new Yemen. However, Al-Roaini said that despite all these events he still believes that Yemen will overcome this situation.

“The Houthis use the issue of regions as justification for their control. The violence used by them will lead to the loss of everyone, especially with the economic downturn experienced by the country. Dialogue is the solution for all issues,” he said.