FAO Implements Project to Support Agriculture in Amran

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Yemen (FAO) has signed on February 16, 2015 a letter of agreement with the Yemen Family Care Association (YFCA) to implement activities funded by the UN Emergency Response Fund (ERF) to support agricultural livelihoods of displaced farmers in four selected districts of Amran.

The project activities are intended to contribute to protecting and restoring essential agricultural livelihood assets of households having returned to their farms within Amran governorate through the provision of large quantities of improved certified wheat and sorghum seeds and 50 tons of fertilizers for 1,000 severely food insecure farming households in Alasha, Alqafla, Thula, and Raydah  districts. The project will also include a vegetable gardening component for 1,470 severely food insecure households in the same districts.

Etienne Peterschmitt, Deputy FAO Representative in Yemen who signed the letter of the agreement with the YFCA, stated that, “Wheat and sorghum farming areas will increase in the targeted districts where beneficiaries are expected to grow around 700 hectares which should increase productivity by at least 30%.”

He added that, “Backyard food production will allow women to generate some surplus income from the sale of onions and tomatoes while enhancing the nutritional value of the diet within their households.” For his part, the FAO Assistant Representative Dr. Mohamed Sallam, who attended the agreement signing with the YFCA, said that the project would be implemented in close coordination with the office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation in Amran.

The project was signed early last January between the FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation. The FAO Representative in Yemen, Dr. Salah Elhajj Hassan, held a consultative meeting in Amran with the governor of Amran, Dr. Faysal Jama’an and the Director of the Agriculture and Irrigation Office in Amran, Ali Dahan Wahas on February 4, 2015.