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The Real Story of Hadi’s Escape

National Yemen

The convoy of President’s son ceased by Houthi in Ibb

A security source of close to the Yemeni president Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, has revealed the details of Hadi’s successful escape from Sana’a to  Aden.

The source confirmed that President Hadi himself drew the plan and all the news published by the media so far are incorrect.

The source said that President Hadi came out of his house in Sana’a during Friday prayers with his nephew named Alaajam, as if his nephew was going to Friday prayers. All those responsible for Hadi’s protection, Mohammed Hydra and Ahmed Abdullah al-Qathi, remained in Hadi’s house in Sana’a to ensure Houthis that the president still in his house.

The same source pointed out that Hadi moved towards Hodeidah with his nephew and after their arrival to Hodeidah, they moved along the coastal road leading to Aden.

The source said that Hydra and al-Qathi were receiving visitors and said that Hadi was sick and could not receive visitors.

The source explained that after Hydra and al-Qathi checked that Hadi arrived in Aden, they joined him later on driving all the way to Aden.

“The announcement of Hadi leaving was delayed in order to secure the leaving of Hydra and al-Qathi,” the source said.

The source added that there was leaked information that Hadi had moved to Taiz in order to confuse the Houthis, who discovered Hadi’s departure after 21 hours.

The source explained that Hadi’s doctor, press secretary, and the family of Mohammad Hadi in Ibb were arrested in the aftermath.