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Al-Mekhlafi: Yemenia’s Visits to Tehran Is More Commercial Than Political

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Yemenia Airlines Landing

By NY Staff

Yemenia’s commercial manager Mohammed al-Mekhlafi has denied the news of Yemenia Airlines flying between Sana’a and Tahran for political reasons. He also rejected rumors about Yemenia disengaging its commitment to more destinations.

Al-Mekhlafi said that Yemenia Airways is the national carrier for the Republic of Yemen and it attended negotiations with Iran along with a government delegation, including the General Authority of Civil Aviation, who visited Iran to discuss air shipping as per international agreements.

Al-Mekhlafi called for transparency and accountability when writing news. Yemenia is a commercial airline and it follows the rules and regulations of the Republic of Yemen and respects international principles when it discusses air shipping, giving no attention to political matters.

Talking about the shortages of Yemenia Airlines on covering some destinations, Al-Mekhlafi said that this is related to commercial operations. Yemenia has a small fleet and it operates to more than 20 countries in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Yemenia is hoping to fly beyond the current destinations despite the hard economic, security, and political situation in the country.

Yemenia is intending to start flying between Sana’a and Tehran as a result of the signed agreement this past Thursday.

In separate news, Yemenia has denied the rumors of ceasing its aircraft by the Comoros authority. A source at the Yemeni office considers this fake news that itaims to spoil the company’s reputation .

Flight 626 left Sana’a airport on Saturday to Djibouti and from Djibouti to Moroni, landing for 50 minutes for fueling, cleaning and other routine procedures.

The aircraft flew back home and reached Sana’a airport around 11AM the same day.