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Albukhaiti: Islah Party Will End Soon

National Yemen

Ali Albukhaiti

By NY Staff

The Resigned leader from the Houthi group, Ali Albukhaiti,‏  revealed a decision was taken by Houthis to dissolve the Islah Party, confirming that they are just waiting for the green light to implement it.

“In a meeting between Houthis and the leaders of Socialist Party, Houthis stated that they are ready to dissolve Islah Party, close its headquarters, and arresting its leaders, because they considered it the only obstacle to go to Aden and arrest the President Hadi. ” Albukhaiti said in his page in facebook.

 Albukhaiti noted that these threats said by Saleh Alsamad and Hamza al-Huthi to some members of the Political Bureau.  He added that Hamza al-Huthi threatened many times to break into Taiz if dialogue aren’t moved to it.