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Hadi: Capital Is Occupied and Iran and Saleh are Behind Yemen’s Breakdown

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Yemen’s President AbduRabou Mansor Hadi

President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi said Sunday that the capital is occupied by Houthi militants who are supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran to carry out a coup, as reported by Aljazeera.

According to the channel, Hadi accused the Houthis of fulfilling an Iranian agenda over the past years. This agenda includes controlling the country’s constitution and army as well as causing the collapse of the country.

They also reported that Hadi has threatened to fight the Houthis for the sake of the country’s safety.

Houthis, Iran and former president Ali Abdullah Saleh have all contributed to the failure of the Gulf Initiative, which was signed by political parties after the revolution of the 11th of February. They have also aggravated the flow of the political transition process, Hadi added.

Houthi militants have already taken control of many Northern cities besides Sana’a since the 7th of last February. The announcement of the constitutional declaration, which delegates them to rule the country, has helped them achieve this.

The statements came in a meeting held by President Hadi with a tribal and political delegation from Al-Baidha and Mareb. The meeting was headed by the head of the GPC branch, Abdo Al-Wahed Al-Qabali.

President Hadi reached Aden after excaping from his house in Sana’a and breaking the siege imposed on him by the Houthis. The siege has been imposed since he submitted his resignation on the 22nd of past January.

Hadi announced his legitimacy as President hours after he reached Aden. He said, “All the decisions issued since the 21st of September are in void and have no validity.” The Houthis have replied to this by saying, “Hadi has lost his legitimacy.”