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Houthis Decrease Cultural Events

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By NY Staff

For a long time, Yemeni lives have deteriorated situations in all aspects of life. This deterioration increased after the Houthis imposed their control over most state institutions.

According to the statistic of the Culture Ministry, the cultural events at the Culture House in Sana’a declined 40% in 2014 compared with the previous years.

The statistic explained that the Public Administration of the Culture House recorded 88 cultural events distributed as follows: 5 art exhibitions, 19 literary celebrations, 8 poetry & story readings, 22 seminars and workshops, 1 singing performance, 19 conferences and forums, 5 honoring ceremonies, 1 cultural festival, 5 poetry evenings in Ramadan, and 1 film.

Earlier, the resigned Minister of Culture, Arwa Othman, accused the Houthis, who took over Sana’a last September, of turning in to Al-Qaida if they do not stop their terrorist practices against human rights.