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Houthis Seize Six Chemical Bombs

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Chemical Bombs

By NY Staff

Government sources in Aden have revealed that Houthi militias seized 6 chemical bombs from an army camp in north Sana’a.

A close source to President Hadi stated that the bombs have been in the army camp of the Presidential Guard, north of Sana’a since the mid-1990s and disappeared after the Houthis entered the camp.

The source explained that each bomb weighs 23 kg and includes chemicals that can cause extensive destruction in a square area covering more than 1 sq. km.

“The bombs go back to the era of the Soviet Union. They were brought to the country unofficially and can be launched through medium-range missiles like the Russian Katyusha and Grande missiles that are currently available to the Houthis.”

The source confirmed that President Hadi told Americans about the disappearance of the bombs, demanding them to recover or destroy them quickly.