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Parliament Member Ouras Sultan Naji Passes Away

National Yemen


On Wednesday, February 25th, Ouras Sultan Naji, a member of the GPC General Committee, passed away while undergoing treatment in the Military Hospital in Sana’a. She was the only female member of the Yemeni parliament.

The GPC has lost one of its most dominant members and her loss will be greatly felt by the GPC and Yemen at large. Dr. Ouras who was born in 1962 in Aden province and had a Master’s degree in Pediatrics. She had an outstanding presence in both academic and political fields.

Through her patriotic contributions towards many causes, the late Ouras Naji showed prominent attitudes and voiced women’s causes and needs. She has also stressed the importance of women’s role in politics and society. In the election of April 27, 2003 Ouras earned her membership in Parliament when the GPC nominated her in District 22, Khormaksar directorate in Aden. She was also a member of the Public Health and Population committee in the House of Representatives.

Ouras was the daughter of the great freedom fighter, writer and historian Sultan Naji, author of the History of Yemeni Military book, which is considered the only reference for researchers in the history of Yemen military. According to her will, Dr. Ouras was buried in Khuzaimah cemetery next to her father’s grave after prayers in the Ishaq Mosque.