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Yemen’s Resigned PM Pays More Attention to His Home Garden

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Yemen’s Resigned PM Pays More Attention to His Home Garden

By Fakhri al-Arashi

The resigned Prime Minister Khaled Mahfoud Bahah has appeared in a fresh photo gardening and planting in his home. Bahah, who is under house arrest, seems careless about being under house arrest since January 22nd, of the current year. The photo shows Bahah in good health digging with an eye of hope for his plants to grow up, giving a message for Yemen’s safe future despite the current critical situation.

Bahah said that the request of the Houthi leader to the government to resume its activities does not matter him. President Hadi is the only one who has the right to issue such a decree.

In a Facebook statement, Bahah addressed the Houthis, saying, “if you feel that Sana’a is as safe place as you say, why do not you come to Sana’a to rule and help the country escape the existing crisis that may create more suffering of the people?”

“My resignation came as a result of the continuing interference of the Houthis in government decrees, as they wanted us to serve and work for them like their militants do,” said Bahah.

In a recent meeting with a group of female journalists who came to visit him and stand by him, he said the government resumption at such a time would bring legitimacy to the Houthi military expansion, including their interference in all state affairs and decrees.

“We had no choice other than the resignation, because welcoming their practices was like an initial project of submitting the country to an unqualified group covered by the Government.”

“Dialogue is still the best choice at the moment and there should be a real dialogue, un-subjected to the authority of weapons like how the Houthis are using it,” said Bahah.

He continued to say that despite the critical conditions, the government has accepted the choice of dialogue to save what is possible before a disaster takes place.

Bahah has called for a dialogue outside Yemen, proposing an African country like Ethiopia or somewhere else to copy the experience of the constitution committee. When it left the country the committee members achieved a professional draft.

On the move of the state management to Aden, Prime Minister Bahah said the south is still paying for the results of 1994 war. “The political powers must pick up the golden opportunity to shift the capital to Aden to correct the whole country’s problems, either southern or northern,” said Bahah.

Giving more details on the Houthi’s economic proposal from the revolutionary committee, Bahah said that the procedures lack a vision of reality and it were not authorized by specialized economic committees within state organizations. Those businessmen who drafted the proposal made it based on their own personal interests.

Bahah pointed out that Houthis are victims of war and the need more psychological and health care. Concluding his meeting with the female journalists, he denied rumors of deteriorating health, saying he enjoys good health and practice sport exercises every day. He called on media outlets to investigate on the facts and sources and said that they should not deal with what is happening in the country as a fact of life.

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