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Youth-led Campaign in Three Languages Demands Release of Bahah

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Freedom Khaled Bahah

A group of Yemeni activists and journalists has launched a campaign to demand the release of the resigned Prime Minister Khalid Mahfoudh Bahah who has been under a Houthi-imposed house arrest for over a month.

A statement issued by the “For a Safe Yemen” campaign strongly deplored the continued detention of Bahah by the Houthi militias, despite the submission of his resignation a month ago and rejecting the caretaker capacity assigned by the revolutionary committee produced by the coup.

Yemeni youth activists are circulating statements and hashtags to call for Bahah’s release. Such calls were disseminated by the campaign in three languages (Arabic, English and French) across social media websites Facebook and Twitter.

“For a Safe Yemen” is the first youth initiative to break the silence against the Houthi militias by taking it to the streets since the morning of 28 September, only a week after Sanaa’s takeover. The campaign continues to organize protests and demonstrations against the Houthi coup.

In a related issue, the “No to the Coup” movement declared support for the campaign and a willingness to organize a peaceful demonstration to call for the release of the Prime Minister who is detained by the Houthis.