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Heila Alkaser: Demanded By Al-Qaeda

National Yemen

By NY staff

After al-Qaeda kidnapped the Saudi consul in Aden, Abdullah al-Khalidi, they demanded to release a set of female detainees on charges of belonging to al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, in particular detainee Heila Alkaser.

Security reports explain some of Alkaser’s dealings with al-Qaeda members, such as travelling to the south in order to deliver wireless devices and dates, harboring detainees Abdulmalik Rashudi, and Fawzan Al-Fawzan who were recruited by her, and communicating with al-Qaeda members in Yemen and Afghanistan and trying to taking them to conflict areas by offering the financial support.

According to the Security reports, Alkaser led the protest in front of the General Intelligence building in Qassim and incited protesters there; she also recruited detainee Bader Alkaser and provided a location for falsifying documents.

Alkaser disappeared with two detainees in an abandoned house in Rafiah district-Buraidah and lived with them for two months. She provided them two guns that she got them from her husband to resist security personnel.

According to the confessions of arrested Ibrahim Alomar, Alkaser held many suspicious meetings.

During her life with al-Qaeda, Heila Alkaser married three times. Her first marriage was to Abdul Karim al-Hameed after she was influenced by his thoughts by reading his books. After that, she got married to an al-Qaeda member named Mohammed Alwakeel, who was killed in a terrorist operation. Then she married herself through a phone call to prisoner Abdul Rahman al-Hameed during the period of his suspension.

Alkaser was also asked for marriage two times by Ali Alomar, who promised to take her with her daughter Rabab to Afghanistan before and after leaving Saudi Arabia. Every time, she refused because he was married and has a family in Afghanistan.

Alkaser continued receiving marriage requests from al-Qaeda members during her contact with them. She was asked by Mohammed Al-Rashid when she was looking for a person to help her escape to Yemen with her daughter.