Every Day is History In Yemen

Fakhri al-Arashi

Authors and movie writers will definitely have plenty of stories to write about Yemen’s current political fictions manipulated by the elite and decision makers. Many are looking forward to prove the fact of Yemen as a failed state or a unique example like how the world wishes to label Yemen compared to the Arab Spring countries. Yemen’s tomorrow is still unknown.

Throughout the past seventy days of the New Year 2015, and the past three years of transition, there is no one who can tell how Yemen’s night or morning will look like according to the political dialogue.

In Yemen, each day appears by under a new sun, with new updates and new challenges that reflect nothing from the day before or the day after. It is quite a complicated plot, but let us take the example of the coup against the President and the  government of Houthi militants, which happened overnight, or let us take the decision of keeping the President and PM under house arrest. Or you can take the departures of diplomatic missions from Sana’a followed by the escape of the President from house arrest to Aden.

Today, the escape of the Defense Minister from the stronghold of Houthi militants after he agreed to back them and help them continue their mission is another slap in the face to the Houthis, who should understand that forcing someone to work for you does not necessarily mean they are supporting you.

From this, the political parties in Yemen will not be able to end the political disputes by repeating failed examples, because people have come to know when the political powers try to share the same power, the hope for quick resolutions is futile.

The antics in Yemen, with the escape of the two most important government individuals, the President and his defense minister, do not end here. We look forward to seeing the PM and his government members who are under house arrest reach an end so they can work to rebuild the country, as all parties have tried to use force and it did not work.

The Houthis should understand that each day counts when keeping people under house arrest, and this will make them lose. Losing someone is not like negotiating with them. Let us keep that in mind and let us see what the PM needs to stay free.