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Houthi Gunmen Loot Al-Shamoa Foundation

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Houthi Gunmen Loot Al-Shamoa Foundation

By NY Staff

Last week, the Journalists’ Union received a communication from Al-Shamoa Foundation for Press and Media in which it condemned the Houthi gunmen’s looting of the contents of its news center using parked trucks in front of the headquarters, as well as kidnapping two journalists from the News Today newspaper, Fouad al-Zubayri and Abdul Wahid Al-Najjar, who tried to stop the looting.

The editor of News Today, Eyad al-Buhairi, stated that Houthi gunmen began dismantling the printing press after a day of looting the newspaper archives in order to take it to another place.

Al-Buhairi added that the Houthis also looted ten thousand videos, hundreds of CDs, and all records and documents of the foundation.

Recently, News Today has been issuing its newspaper from Aden where it has a printing press and headquarters.

On March 5th, a set of journalists organized a protest in solidarity with Al-Shamoa Foundation and News Today at the headquarters of Journalists’ Union, raising banners expressing their anger of the Houthis’ control of state institutions.

The Journalists’ Union demanded that the Houthis return the looted contents quickly.