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Jabbari: Political Negotiations Are A Waste Of Time

National Yemen

Abdulaziz Jabary

By NY Staff

In a time when Sana’a lives under the control of the Houthis, the Secretary General of the Party for Justice and Yemeni Development, Abdulaziz Jabbari, consideres the negotiations between political parties in the Yemeni capital a waste of time.

In a interview, Jabbari said that role of the UN envoy to Yemen Jamal Benomar has become a facilitator for the Houthi group, and he is no longer a mediator to resolve the dispute between political parties.

He added that Yemen’s crisis is political, not doctrinal, so the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) should work on saving Yemen to save themselves. “Most Yemenis refuse the Houthis’s project, but stopping the support of the Gulf countries opened the road in front of Iran to stretch and threaten the security of the region.”

Regarding the attitude of the Islah and Conference parties from the Houthis’ control, Jabari said that the attitude of the Islah party was positive, while a clash between Conference and Houthis led by former President Ali Abdullah Saleh is possible.

Jabari warned of the situation in Marib and Jawf, especially that the tribes in the two provinces reject the existence of the Houthis.