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Oil Sector Workers’ Syndicate Issues a Letter of Protest

By NY Staff

The General Union of Petroleum and Mining has issued a strongly-worded protest memo to the head and members of the union committee of PetroMasila company. The memo demanded non-intervention in the acts of the other syndicates in the oil and gas sector or any other sectors. It also requested them to form a single rank in defending the workers and protecting the working sectors each in their own position for the public interest.

The memo accused PetroMasila syndicate of interfering in the tasks of the union committee of Petrosar and of inciting the media against them. It was included in the memo that the union committee of Petrosar is accusing the syndicate of Petromasila of misinforming the local authority despite the fact that it’s an independent union committee that follows the General Union of Petroleum and Mining. The memo clarified that Petrosar confirmed that the syndicate of PetroMasila protested against the founding of their national company, which started working with the former foreign operator, and claimed that this will affect them as well as the country. They also doubted their ability in operating the sector after the foreign operator.

The General Union of Petroleum and Mining expressed their surprise of such an intervention in the affairs of another syndicate, one which they have nothing to do with. The union also said that they don’t understand the consequences that will result from operating the sector as it has been claimed.

The union also confirmed its support to the founding of Petrosar from the Ministry of Oil since it protects the country’s rights and helps in operating the block with a national staff. The General Union pointed out, “national companies proved to be better than foreign ones in terms of limited expenses and succeeding in managing its sectors. Your company, PetroMasila, is an example and so is Safer company since the conditions of employees are better than that of foreigners.”