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On International Women’s Day, Yemeni Women Visit Bahah in His House

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Yemeni Women Visit Bahah in His House

By NY Staff

On March 8th, Yemeni women activists, poets and painters visited the resigned Prime Minister  Khalid Bahah on their International Day who is under house arrest.

Bahah who is under Houthi’s house arrest congratulated the women on their day and listened to some poetry from them. They shared their sadness that he couldn’t come to the celebration and the campaign of One Thousand Roses organized by the Female Media Conglomerate.

They expressed their solidarity with him and whish wished for a homeland for everyone that is not governed by a specific party.

At the International Women’s Day celebration, a group of Yemeni women lunched the campaign of One Thousand Roses to be for women over three days. The campaign is an expression of the most important needs of Yemeni women to live in peace and stop the ongoing conflicts that badly affect their lives.

Huda Ablan, the Vice Chairwomen of the Ministry of Culture, said that women are the ones who will prevail in values, civilization, civility, peace and equality.

“Women today bear the burden of change and are entrenched in a culture of dialogue. They will triumph over all attempts of violence and ruin,” Ablan said.

Mahbob Ali, the President’s Advisor for Media Affairs, added that the celebration of women is not a political or social obligation, it is a religious obligation.

“Women have sent a message to political parties that they should put the country’s interest first and stop their conflicts and bloodshed. They have to work for the stability of Yemen. A woman is a man’s partner,” Mahbob added.

Since ancient times, Yemeni women have been part of political life and have had a distinct role. This historical legacy makes Yemen one of the few countries where women have gained balanced roles in public life in political history and have enjoyed confidence, respect, and acceptance in running and handling the affairs of governance.

Yemeni women have to be together and one hand to achieve all that they want.