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Our Souls are the Most Expensive

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our souls the most expensive

By Tamjid Alkohali

After the terrorist operation that targeted the Police College last January of the current year, the college has begun improving the level of security and their protection plans.

Within their program, the Public Relations Department communicated with the Alwafa Foundation for Art Production, represented by actor Yahya Ibrahim in order to produce a dramatic film that urges to raise awareness and clarifies the modern methods of protection and how to deal with terrorist elements.

The film is named Our Souls are the Most Expensive, and takes place in the Police College and in nearby neighborhoods. It was produced by the Police College, directed by Abdullah Yahya Ibrahim, and produced by Mohamed Ablan with the participation of a group of well-known Yemeni actors.

Ablan confirmed the cooperation of the Police College and its members in order to make a film for Yemen.