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Three Yemeni Channels Launched

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New Yemeni TV Channels

By NY Staff

Three new Yemeni TV satellite  channels with different orientations have been launched recently.The experimental transmission of Yaman’s channel was launched with the frequency 11315 vertical via Noorsat last Sunday. The channel is managed by the Yemeni broadcaster Jameel Ezz Al-Deen who happens to be the head of the Yemeni TV sector and the news general manager. Ezz Al-Deen denied the relation of Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar to the channel and he explained that such news was spread to incite anger against the channel, which has not started broadcasting its programs and making it impossible to decide its aim.

He posted on his Facebook page that the channel belongs to a number of business men. Also, Awsan Channel was launched with the frequency 11515 via Nilesat vertical on the 23rd of last February. On the 11th of February, the Bilqees channel was also launched from Turkey, which broadcasts with the frequency 11526 coding average 27500 correction coefficient 3/4.

It seems that the media is about to witness an overheated competition since all parties have started to have channels, which helps them in promoting their policies and orientations.